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brochure printing canada

Brochure Printing Canada: Low cost shipping to all cities!

Brochures are an ideal way to provide your customers with information about your products or services. Our brochures are printed on premium stocks and in vivid CMYK colour to ensure a high quality look and feel. They come in a variety of sizes and folding options in order to accommodate any details you would like to include.

Fast Turnarounds and Shipping! Some estimated product delivery times below.

Brochure printing Calgary: 5-7
Brochure printing Edmonton: 5-7
Brochure printing Saskatoon: 5-7
Brochure printing Vancouver: 6-8
Brochure printing Toronto: 3-5

* Estimated delivery times for the cities above are in business days.
This product will arrive to most Canadian cities within 3-7 days of ordering.

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Standard size brochures are convenient to handout or will fit into any standard brochure rack. Larger 8.5x14" or 11x17" sizes are commonly used for menus, information sheets, and many other purposes. By printing your brochures through SMC Media in full colour on our high quality stocks you will be able to effectively maximize your presentation while keeping your costs low. When it comes to brochure printing Canada wide companies have been switching to SMC Media and reaping the benefits.

Quality Matters!

The ideal stock for your brochure would depend on several factors. These may include your personal preference, budget, or perhaps weight restrictions if you plan on including them in a direct mail marketing campaign. Whichever stock you choose you can rest assured that when you order from SMC Media you will ve receiving a quality product. We offer brochure printing on two types of stocks, 100lb Book and 100 Cover.

Our 100lb Book stock is one of our favorites and is commonly used for standard brochures. It has a quality look and feel to it and is heavier than the 80lb stocks used by many other suppliers (or for our cheap brochures). Looking for something a bit heavier? Our 100lb cover stock is a card stock and significantly heavier and thicker than the 100lb book. Cover stock is scored prior to folding to ensure smooth operation and an unrivaled feel when it comes to quality.

We are able to offer both of these stocks for some amazingly competitive prices while working hard continuing to build our reputation as an industry leader when it comes to providing products of an exceptionally high quality. Regardless of where you are located, we're confident we can save you money. Brochure printing Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada!

16pt High Gloss Business Cards

Brochures are available in 100lb gloss BOOK stock and 100lb gloss COVER stock. Both are available with an optional Aqueous semi-gloss to give them a brilliant finish.

We are proud to offer very high end brochure stocks. Book stock is lighter while a cover stock is more rigid, similar to a standard 12pt business card.

Several other folding options are also available, specific options may not be available on all sizes or stocks.

If you're looking for top quality brochures then you've come to the right place! Our brochures are available in a variety of stock options and are printed on a high definition offset press (much higher quality than the industry standard).

We offer them at incredible prices that blow our major competitors out of the water! If you would like to see our brochure quality first hand feel free to request a sample pack and we'll have one in the mail shortly.

100lb Gloss Book Brochures (150 G/SM)
ON SALE - Limited Time Offer!

Available in Tri-Fold, Half-Fold, Gate-Fold, and various other options. All brochures are printed double sided. Additional fees may apply for some advanced folding options.

  8.5x11" 8.5x14" 11x17"
250 $128
500 $178

1000 $180
2500 $286
5000 $374

100lb (270 GSM) Gloss COVER Brochures (card stock)
ON SALE - Limited Time Offer!

  8.5x11" 8.5x14" 11x17"
500 $286

1000 $322
2500 $488
5000 $786

These are our most popular sizes and stocks. Please inquire for other stocks, sizes, and coating options.