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Coloured foil business cards

Our coloured foil business cards are the perfect choice for those seeking the metallic shine of foil in colours other than the copper, silver, and gold offered for our foil stamped products.

Using state of the art technology, we're able to apply foil to select areas on cards in a variety of brilliant colours including gradients and full covered areas. When uploading your file please include a full resolution black and white mask file where black (100% K) indicates the position that you would like the foil to be applied, white will indicate the non-foiled areas. If you have any questions with setting up your file or need assistance please contact an SMC Media representative and we will be happy to assist you.

To acheive the coloured foil we apply a thin layer of bright silver foil to select areas on the card. This foil is then printed on in full CMYK colour to tint the surface whichever colour you like. Foil works very well on light colours and makes them very reflective, the darker the colour the more muted the foil will be. Foil on a black area of your card for example, would not reflect like foil generally would but instead result in a pearly black finish similar to car paint.

These cards are available with a UV (high gloss) coating, or uncoated. Both great choices, depending on the look you are going for.


500 $134 1000 $172 2500 $272 5,000 $386  

Pricing is for single sided cards and does not include shipping. Visit the product page by clicking the "order now" button to the left to see full pricing information including our low UPS rates.