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Sticker Printing with UV (High Gloss) Coating

If you're in need of stickers we can definitely help! Stickers are a great and economical way to promote your business. Our stickers are printed in high definition at 500 line screen offset and coated in UV gloss for a brilliant shine and protective finish. Request a free sample pack prior to ordering to see the quality first hand!

Stickers are printed in full colour on 70lb label stock and coated in highly reflective UV gloss. They are not recommended if you need to be able to write on your sticker with a pen as the coating makes it very difficult.

Stickers are available in a wide variety of sizes, a few of our most popular and most cost effective dimensions are listed below. Please inquire if you are interested in a size or quantity not listed and we will do our best to assist you.

We are unable to do UV gloss sticker runs under 500, inquire about our uncoated short run stickers if you need a lower quantity.

Stickers are printed on high quality 70lb label stock and are UV (high gloss) coated. They are individually cut and come with score marks for easy peeling!

Estimated order arrival times:
Sticker Printing Calgary: 5-7 Days
Sticker Printing Edmonton: 5-7 Days
Sticker Printing Vancouver: 6-8 Days
Sticker Printing Toronto: 3-5 Days

We offer sticker printing Canada wide, the above locations are some of the most common destinations for our products. If you have questions regarding the estimated order arrival time for your area please contact us and we'll let you know.

Call for more information:
1 (855) 762-6334

Premium Sticker Printing with UV Gloss (high gloss)
Prices do not include shipping or tax, inquire for our low UPS rates!

3.5x2" 1000 $84 2500 $144 5,000 $234 10,000 • $462
4x2" 1000 98 2500 $148 5,000 $216 10,000 • $408
8x2" 1000 $206 2500 $246 5,000 $326 10,000 • $596

Premium Oval/Round Stickers
with UV Gloss (high gloss)
Prices do not include shipping or tax, inquire for our low UPS rates!

1000 $158 2500 $198 5,000 $284 10,000 • $544
1000 $210 2500 $298 5,000 $376 10,000 • $660

These are our most popular sizes and stocks. Please inquire for other stocks, sizes, and coating options.